Andy Murray
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Andy Murray Will Not Play Wimbledon 2024 Due To Spinal Surgery, Retirement Not In The Cards. World No.1 singles tennis player Andy Murry will not be playing at Wimbledon this year because of his spinal surgery on June 22. The governing body of the men’s professional tennis circuit the ATP Tour posted on social media that Murray will not compete at Wimbledon as he has had back surgery.

The British professional tennis player said he has struggled with a back problem for the last 10 years. Last Wednesday, he was forced to quit from his Queen’s round-of-16-tie with Jordan Thompson because he was unable to move freely. Murray highlighted that he never had the loss of coordination, loss of control and strength in the leg before.

Murray highlighted the neural pain across the back saying it’s uncomfortable and during the game against Thompson, he felt numbness, loss of strength, power, and control. He added that his right leg wasn’t working properly and underwent back surgery as a resort to fix the problem.

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His brother Jamie Murray said it was very disappointing for Andy because it was potentially going to be his last Queen’s, last Wimbledon and Olympics. He added there’s a potential that that might not be able to happen.

No Decision Has Been Made Yet – Andy Murray’s Coach on Wimbledon

However, Murray’s not being able to play at Wimbledon hasn’t been officially confirmed. Word is that Murray, 37, will wait and see his recovery process as the Wimbledon kicks off on July 1. Speculations are also that he might require weeks off for a full recovery. Murray’s coach Leon Smith said Andy just went through the procedure on Saturday (June 22) and one has to wait and see. He said no decision had been made.

Over the years, Murray has been out of play due to injuries. He suffered a hip injury and had a metal plate inserted, and most recently he damaged his ankle ligaments. Murray also had a back injury in 2013 and has been suffering from soreness.

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Andy Murray Brushes Off Retirement

Murray says he does not want to retire. Despite the injuries and his slowness on the court, he still wants to appear at the Wimbledon. Murray told a British news outlet that its difficult for most people in most jobs.

Andy Murray during a match at Queen’s/ Image Source: Herald Sport – Twiiter

He said retirement is seen as a positive thing, at a specific age and it’s something to look forward to. Murray explained it’s a time to put your feet up and enjoy the rest of one’s life, but he doesn’t see it like that. He isn’t happy about it.  Murray still feels young.

He said “I won’t want to stop playing but if I’m not getting the results I want, and my body’s not feeling good, that draws you to conclude about whether you should keep going or stop”. Murray, an Olympic gold medalist, acknowledged that things will be difficult. But he just loves tennis. 

Andy Murray is a two-time Wimbledon champion and a two-time Olympian