England vs. Slovenia UEFA EURO 2024
Image Source: England Football - Twitter

England fans are unhappy that the team hasn’t lived up to their expectations despite getting through to the next phase. Disgruntled fans threw plastic beer cups at English coach Gareth Southgate after England drew with Slovenia 0-0.

In a post-match interview, Southgate acknowledged the fans. He said he understands their grievances. “The most important thing is we stay with the team,” the coach said. “That’s better for the team than it being towards them.” However, he added that the England fans are creating an unusual environment to operate in. Southgate highlighted that he hasn’t seen any other team qualify and receive similar treatment.

He went on to describe the environment as strange and difficult. Southgate pointed out that the England team has been dealing with greater expectations. He said they have made the team fun again it’s very enjoyable for the players.

Southgate added that he has been in the team for 20 years. He said his job is to guide the team and get the very best out of the team. The coach expressed satisfaction with the side saying they have handled the matches very well over the last few days.

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Fans Unhappy with England UEFA EURO 2024

But fans aren’t happy with England’s performance. Some took to social media to highlight their opinions, with one saying “England has its best squad in years, possibly even decades, but unfortunately, they also have their worst coach in just as long. Wake up and make the necessary changes before it’s too late.”

Another fan targeted his comment at Southgate “You are a league 1 level manager in charge of arguably the best national team on the planet. Shock, horror, you’ve got them producing sub par performances for the 4th tournament in a row and, sub sequentially the fans are livid. Not rocket science.”

One fan defended the England team saying, “Top of group, better half of the draw, some tough teams here and they want to do well too. Look at France, Italy they have struggled. Honestly these fans need to get behind team or go home, simple.”

And another fan highlighted the team’s setup, structure and links of play. “Players look frustrated to be playing in it, fans are frustrated to be watching and unfortunately, that has come down to management and coaching. It’s like Gareth thinks the team is immune to criticism.”